Top Pool Covers in Cape Town: Options, Prices, and Installation for Pool Covers Cape Town

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Top Pool Covers in Cape Town: Options, Prices, and Installation for Pool Covers Cape Town

A swimming pool with a bubble wrap cover, surrounded by a sunny outdoor environment, evoking a sense of leisure and tranquility.

Keeping your swimming pool in prime condition can be a real challenge, especially with Cape Town's harsh sun and water restrictions. Bubble wrap pool covers, for instance, help save up to 98% of water from evaporating.

Our guide dives into the best pool cover options available, detailing their benefits and how they can protect your investment year-round. Discover the perfect cover for your pool that balances cost, convenience, and care—read on for essential insights!

Key Takeaways

  • Cape Town pool covers save water and keep your pool clean.
  • They come in different types, like bubble wrap, solid, leaf net, and automatic vinyl.
  • Pool covers can be a safety barrier for kids and pets.
  • Installing pool covers is straightforward, with steps to follow.
  • Regular maintenance of pool covers is important.

The Importance of Pool Covers in Cape Town

An isolated pool covered with safety cover in a barren desert.

Pool covers are crucial in Cape Town for water conservation, safety measures, and extending the swimming season. By using pool covers, you can reduce water evaporation, keep the pool clean from debris, and minimise the need for chemical treatments.

Additionally, they provide a safety barrier to prevent accidents and help retain heat in the cooler months.

Water conservation

Covering your swimming pool plays a big role in saving water. It keeps the water in and stops it from disappearing into thin air. Cape Town knows all about dry spells, so every drop counts.

With a cover, you might only need to fill your pool once a month. This is good for your wallet, and even better for our planet.

Think of a swimming pool cover as a shield. It blocks dirt and leaves from getting into the water. That means you don't have to clean or add more water as much—up to 50% less! By using less water, we help keep this precious resource around longer for everyone to enjoy.

Safety measures

Pool safety nets and covers play a huge role in protecting swimmers, especially children. They act as a barrier to stop people from accidentally falling into the water. Solid pool covers are tough and can hold weight, preventing drowning incidents.

They cover the entire surface, leaving no gaps for children or pets to slip through.

Cape Town families find these safety measures essential. Covers keep out leaves and debris too, making pools cleaner and safer for everyone. Safety covers made with New Zealand technology are strong enough to withstand UV rays and frequent use.

By using a pool cover, you make your swimming area more secure for family fun all year round.

Extending the swimming season

geo-bubble cover can be a game-changer for your swimming experience. It traps solar energy and raises water temperatures by 6 to 8°C. This means you get to dive in earlier in the spring and keep swimming later into the autumn.

With heat retention like that, a crisp morning won't stop your swim.

Cape Town's breezy days won't cool down your pool too fast either. Pool covers prevent evaporation, which is a big cause of heat loss. Your pool stays warm, inviting, and ready for more fun all season long.

Plus, using less energy to heat up the water makes it an energy-efficient choice!

Types of Pool Covers Available in Cape Town

A swimming pool covered with a bubble wrap cover, surrounded by greenery.

There are several types of pool covers available in Cape Town, each serving different purposes. From bubble wrap swimming pool covers that provide energy efficiency and heat retention to solid pool covers for debris protection, there's a wide range of options to suit your specific needs.

Leaf net pool covers and automatic vinyl safety covers offer additional benefits, such as leaf and debris protection or enhanced safety measures.

Bubble Wrap Swimming Pool Covers

Bubble wrap swimming pool covers are a hit in Cape Town for their water-saving features. They can block out up to 98% of evaporation, keeping your pool full and fresh for longer. These covers come in options like 500-micron bubble wrap and thermal geobubble, catering to different needs.

Made locally, these covers use UV-stabilized plastic, which is tough against the sun's harsh rays.

Your pool stays clean with bubble covers as they keep dirt and leaves out. Plus, they're energy-saving by helping maintain the water temperature—no more cold dips! You'll find them available in custom sizes, or you can choose from pre-cut ones to fit your swimming pool perfectly.

They make pools safe too, reducing the risk of accidents on open water surfaces. Enjoy a cleaner, warmer swimming experience while saving on costs and contributing to the sustainable use of resources.

Solid Pool Covers

Solid pool covers are a smart choice for keeping your pool in top shape. They act like a shield, keeping out leaves and dirt. This means less cleaning and more swimming fun for you! These covers fit snugly over the water's surface, so they also help prevent accidents.

There are no worries about kids or pets falling in when the cover is on.

Cape Town families prefer solid safety covers because they're strong and last a long time. You can find them in different materials to meet your needs. Suppliers across the city sell high-quality options at good prices.

Some even come ready-made in pre-cut sizes, which makes things easier for you! These covers aren't just tough; they help save water by reducing evaporation, making them an energy-efficient pick as well.

Leaf Net Pool Covers

Leaf net pool covers are perfect for keeping your pool free of leaves and debris. They fit snugly over the waterblocking dirt and making clean-up easy. The blue mesh option is a hit in gardens with trees, especially during the windy winter months.

It blends in with the natural surroundings.

Black PVC LeafNets offer a smart look while letting you see the clear water below. These covers are strong and resist tearing from branches or animals. Homeowners choose them for their durability and neat appearance.

Both types help maintain a pristine swimming area year-round.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are smart and convenient. They provide safety for your family by creating a solid barrier over the water. Cape Town's Designer Pool Covers and PowerPlastics Pool Covers offer top-of-the-line automatic covers.

These products include Solar Blankets, PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers, and automatic vinyl safety covers.

These covers can help control your pool's temperature too. With just a push of a button, they roll out or retract, making it easy to use your pool at any time. The slats and vinyl material used in these covers come in various colors, like blue or black, to match your style.

They're built with stainless steel components for durability against harsh weather conditions. Energy-efficient and user-friendly—that's what makes automatic pool covers a must-have for Cape Town swimming pools.

Top Pool Cover Options

Learn about the top pool cover options available in Cape Town, including premium bubble wrap swimming pool covers, solid pool covers, leaf net pool covers, and automatic vinyl safety covers.

Each option offers unique features to suit different needs and preferences for pool owners.

Description and Features of the Tri-Cell Premium Bubble Wrap Swimming Pool Cover

Designed to reduce water evaporation by up to 98%, the TRI CELL Premium Bubble Wrap Swimming Pool Cover boasts a two-layer film construction using virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bubble wrap.

This floating material can be effortlessly trimmed to fit pools of all shapes and sizes. With its durable material and exceptional design, this cover provides an effective solution for conserving water while also offering protection for your pool.

Crafted with stock availability in mind, the TRI CELL Premium Bubble Wrap Swimming Pool Cover is engineered to provide maximum efficiency and convenience, making it an ideal option for those seeking reliable pool covers in Cape Town.

Description and Features of SOLID Pool Covers

Solid pool covers provide a sturdy and reliable solution for pool safety, temperature control, and water conservation. These covers come in various types, including thermal blankets, pet and child safety covers, and automatic vinyl safety covers, to cater to different needs.

They are constructed from durable materials such as bubble wrap or PVC, ensuring long-lasting performance while reducing maintenance efforts. Solid pool covers effectively prevent water evaporation, maintaining the pool's water level and temperature while also providing a protective barrier against debris and external contaminants.

These high-quality pool covers help conserve water by significantly reducing evaporation rates. Additionally, they offer an added layer of protection for children and pets around the pool area, making them a practical choice for families.

Description and Features of LEAF NET Pool Covers

Offering up to 55% mesh coverage, the LEAF NET pool covers are designed to effectively keep leaves and debris out of your pool while still allowing water to pass through. This ensures that your pool stays clean and ready for use without requiring constant cleaning.

Additionally, these covers provide peace of mind by offering safety features for pets, keeping them from accidentally falling into the pool. With its efficient leaf-catching design, the LEAF NET pool cover proves to be a practical and reliable option for maintaining a clean and safe swimming environment.

Moreover, the LeafNet covers come in blue or black options that blend seamlessly with any pool area aesthetic. The flexibility in colour choices allows you to customise based on personal preferences or existing décor.

Description and Features of Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers

Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers, such as the Aqua-Net Automated Cover offered by Designer Pool Covers, provide a convenient and efficient solution for pool owners in Cape Town. These covers are visually appealing and durable, as they are manufactured locally from imported materials.

With the automation achieved through tubular motors housed inside the shafts onto which the covers roll, pool owners benefit from customisable and motorised options that enhance water quality, reduce maintenance efforts, and significantly increase safety around their pools.

With an emphasis on improved water qualityreduced maintenance needs, and heightened safety features, these automatic vinyl safety covers represent a reliable investment for those seeking effective protection for their pools.

Choosing the Right Pool Cover: Considerations

When choosing the right pool cover, it's important to consider factors such as the size of your pool, the purpose of the cover, and your budget for maintenance costs. To learn more about how these considerations can help you find the perfect pool cover for your needs in Cape Town, keep reading!

Pool size

Consider the size of your pool when choosing a cover. The size and shape of the pool influence the cost and type of cover that will best suit your needs, ensuring accurate fitting and effective coverage.

Factors such as water conservationsafety measures, and extending the swimming season can be optimised based on the specific dimensions of your pool.

The cost of a pool cover is influenced by its compatibility with different sizes and shapes. Size also determines how well a cover can help reduce evaporation; for instance, bubble wrap swimming pool covers in Cape Town can prevent water evaporation by up to 98%, especially when custom-fitted to match the precise measurements of your pool.

Purpose of the cover

To understand the purpose of the cover, it's essential to consider factors such as water conservation, safety, and extending the swimming season. Pool covers in Cape Town play a crucial role in preventing water evaporation and maintaining the pool's cleanliness by keeping out debris.

Additionally, they serve as a safety measure, preventing accidents and offering peace of mind for families with children or pets. Furthermore, pool covers can extend the swimming season by retaining heat and keeping the water at comfortable temperatures, allowing for more enjoyment throughout the year.

When selecting a pool cover for your needs in Cape Town, it’s important to keep in mind your specific requirements while considering options such as bubble wrap covers for water conservation or automatic vinyl safety covers for enhanced protection against debris intrusion.

Budget and maintenance costs

Maintaining your pool cover in Cape Town requires budgeting for regular upkeep and repair costsPVC pool covers, with their affordability and sturdy nature, offer an economical option for diligent upkeep.

Depending on the size of your pool, the initial investment for a manual cover can range from R5,000 to R40,000, whereas automatic covers may entail upfront costs between £25,000 and £75,000.

Opting for cost-effective maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs can help keep expenses manageable while ensuring the longevity of your pool cover.

Pool owners should consider water conservation measures regarding pool maintenance in Cape Town. Installing bubble wrap swimming covers that prevent evaporation by up to 98% not only saves water but also offers competitive pricing options.

Find Pool Covers Near You in Cape Town

Browse a range of pool cover options in Cape Town, including bubble wrap covers and safety nets. PowerPlastics Pool Covers offers thermal and automatic covers, while Popular Canvas Pool Covers provides secure solutions.

Aqua-Net has branches nationwide for convenient access to their offerings.

Among the top suppliers is Designer Pool Covers Cape Town, known for tailored, high-quality products. Additionally, suppliers like Pool Roll-Up Stations offer competitive pricing with a focus on effective and professional business practices.

Prioritize finding the right pool cover near you to ensure water conservation and safety measures are met effectively.

Installation Process of Pool Covers in Cape Town

To cover your pool, follow these installation steps:

  1. Measure the Pool: Determine the dimensions of your pool to ensure you purchase the correct cover size.
  2. Clean the Pool: Remove any debris, dirt, or leaves from the pool's surface before covering it.
  3. Position the Cover: Unroll the cover over the pool, ensuring it overlaps evenly on all sides.
  4. Secure Anchors: Use anchors or weights to secure the cover in place and prevent it from shifting.
  5. Test Tautness: Adjust the cover for tautness, ensuring it is snugly fitted to prevent debris and water accumulation.
  6. Connect power (for automatic covers): If installing an automatic cover, connect it to a power source for operation.
  7. Regular Maintenance: Periodically check and adjust the cover’s position as needed to maintain its effectiveness in protecting your pool.

Maintaining Your Pool Cover

Regularly clean your pool cover to prevent debris buildup. Use a soft brush or hose to remove any leaves, dirt, or other materials. Check for tears or damage and promptly repair them to extend the lifespan of your pool cover.

Keep the cover dry when not in use to prevent mould and mildew growth. Finally, follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper storage during off-seasons to ensure its longevity.

Remember that maintaining your pool cover will not only prolong its life but also contribute to water conservation and safe swimming conditions. Regular upkeep ensures that you continue enjoying the benefits provided by your chosen pool cover option in Cape Town while maximising its efficiency and effectiveness.


In conclusion, Cape Town offers a diverse range of pool cover options to cater to various needs and budgets. Whether it's for water conservationsafety measures, or extending the swimming season, there are solutions available.

From bubble wrap covers to solid and automatic options, consumers have access to quality choices. Understanding the considerations for choosing the right pool cover is essential before making a purchase decision.

With expert installation services available in the area, maintaining your pool cover becomes an achievable task for all homeowners.

To discover the finest selection of pool covers in your vicinity, peruse our comprehensive range on pool covers near me.


1. What types of pool covers are available in Cape Town?

In Cape Town, you'll find a variety of pool covers including solar blankets that heat the water, safety nets to prevent accidents, and solid PVC covers for keeping debris out.

2. How much do pool covers cost in Cape Town?

The prices for pool covers in Cape Town can vary; it depends on size, material, and type – from affordable mesh nets to more expensive automatic systems.

3. Can I install a pool cover myself, or do I need a professional?

Some simple pool covers can be installed by yourself, but for a perfect fit and proper installation, especially with complex systems – it's wise to hire a professional.

4. Where should I shop for the best deals on pool covers in Cape Town?

You could start at local home improvement stores or specialised shops; they might offer competitive prices and advice tailored to your needs.

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