What to do with an inground pool you don't want?

You can fill the pool with concrete or soil, or choose to hire a design firm to build a platform or structure on top of the pool. A deck is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to take your in-ground pool to a barbecuing paradise. Empty your pool and simply build a deck over it yourself, or enlist the help of a hired professional who can help you blend your new space perfectly with your current landscape. Your new outdoor living area will be a great place to entertain, and building a deck over your empty pool can also add value to your home. Once you list your home in the future, this can be a great reward.

Mikula Contracting, Inc., P.O. Box 1257Clifton, NJ 07012. While the cost of taking down an inground pool may seem a little high, pool maintenance and repairs, which you'll save, will add up quickly and make the transition worthwhile. Your pool removal company can help you prepare your garden area by first removing the pool and then filling the hole with topsoil so it's ready for planting.

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