What is the most advanced pool cover?

The HydraLux is a unique automatic pool cover that uses extruded rigid PVC sheets. Safepool is the most advanced pool cover system designed and manufactured by TP plus CL. Of course, the investment in automatic pool covers pays off. They offer numerous benefits, such as keeping the pool clean, reducing evaporation, maintaining water temperature and improving safety by preventing accidental falls. Protection is paramount for our customers and for us at Salop Pool Services.

That's why we would like to introduce you to our Driglide pool covers. One of the most advanced security covers on the market and manufactured by a company based in England, which provides optimal after-sales care to our customers. Any rectangular pool planned can be boasted of having a Driglide cover, which will completely reassure anyone when it comes to safety, waste management and heat containment. We know that the British climate is not always the best and we recommend that any pool built has a cover to retain the heat of the water.

Most of a pool's heat loss is due to evaporation at the surface of the water. A solar cover is made of a Geo Bubble plastic bottom, almost like bubble wrap. HydraLux is the most advanced pool cover system designed and manufactured by Aquamatic Cover Systems. It is a European-style slatted cover that incorporates proven Aquamatic hydraulic technology.

The Hydralux cover consists of rigid PVC profiles that float in water. Opening and closing are fully automatic and as easy as pressing a button. The Hydralux cover can be installed in 6 different ways. Automatic pool covers keep unwanted guests away from rain (pollution, dirt and even some fish).

Patented in 1962, Cover-Pools has designed custom covers that protect families and their pools, while conforming to most pool shapes and design features. They have developed some of the most durable automatic pool covers on the market, while still fulfilling their mission of manufacturing products that are elegant and simple with the least amount of moving parts. The system uses unique extruded sheets (hermetically finished); their connection creates a roller blind that perfectly covers the surface of the water of the pool. The appropriately designed sheet cover of the pool will increase the safety of your children and pets so that they do not fall into the water.

Aquamatic's commitment to innovation has allowed designers and builders around the world to install custom covers in almost any type of pool application. Imagine one end of your pool with a sturdy reel, ready to roll up that thick vinyl cover when it's time to swim. Founded in 1978, the company has dedicated the last 43 years to perfecting its craft and creating some of the most innovative and reliable pool covers on the market. A well-secured and well-maintained cover helps protect the pool from debris, maintains water quality and prevents excessive water evaporation.

Always at the forefront of its industry, Cover-Pools strives to develop new and creative ways to cover any pool. This means less maintenance, including less frequent pool cover adjustments and easier fabric replacement. Both awards offer valuable marketing opportunities, as they showcase the new winning pool products as benchmarks of excellence and promote a culture of continuous improvement and advancement in the swimming pool industry and spas. Like the rig of a ship or the mechanics behind a flag pole, automatic pool covers rely on pulleys to do their enchantment.

The exhibition showcased the latest and newest products and innovations for swimming pools in the pool and spa industry, and attracted professionals, manufacturers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

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