What are the cons of a mesh pool cover?

Therefore, you may not keep the pool as clean as a solid cover during the off-season. Mesh safety covers are essentially a very large strainer. The strainer allows rain and snow to fall into the pool, but not leaves, insects or debris. However, runoff water, fine particles and UV light from the sun will also reach the pool.

However, in both cases, the pool cover material is the biggest obstacle in the initial installation, since the accessories must be drilled and inserted into the platform to keep the cover in place. The disadvantage is that, since a mesh cover is not airtight, water will pass into the pool. However, to ensure that the drain or pump continues to work properly, solid pool covers require more maintenance during the winter. The cover is placed over the pool, the straps on the top of the cover are attached to the washers or hardware on the terrace and are hooked to them.

A sturdy safety cover allows you to start swimming earlier once you open the pool for the season. The biggest advantage of a solid cover is that nothing can go through the cover and enter the pool, not even water. For this reason, homeowners who want to close their pool themselves during the winter usually opt for this cover. This is a good example of the amount of UV light that enters your pool from one type of cover compared to the next. If you have an inground pool in your yard, then you already know that you must install a safety cover over it before closing it at the end of the season.

One of the most important decisions homeowners face is choosing between mesh pool covers and solid vinyl equivalents. When both covers are properly installed, they completely cover the top surface of the pool and are anchored at several points around the perimeter. If someone (or something) dares to place a safety cover while standing above the pool, the cover is designed to easily support their weight. This type of safety cover is made with one or more mesh drainage panels, which allow rainwater and melted snow to drain into the pool.

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