Is a pool cover a good idea?

Covering a pool when not in use is the most effective means of reducing pool heating costs. Indoor pool covers can not only reduce evaporation, but also the need to vent indoor air and replace it with unconditioned outdoor air. First of all, a pool cover does a fantastic job of maintaining a balanced temperature in the water. In The Swim reports that a pool without a cover will naturally maintain a balance temperature of up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than an indoor pool.

This can make the difference between swimming in late fall or even the winter months and storing pool equipment for an extended period of the year as the weather changes with the seasons. The solid construction of a pool cover combines with this unique air pocket to form a barrier that prevents it from evaporating when the sun heats the surface of the water, and transfers heat directly to this liquid body throughout the day. For example, pool owners know that shaking the pool in the morning is always a bad idea (according to Solda Pools). If you're lucky enough to have a custom-made pool or one that doesn't have the traditional rectangular shape, you may have a harder time finding a cover.

that it looks good on you. This process is much easier nowadays with roller systems and the like, any pool cover will require a small amount of manual work. It can be tempting to overlook the value this feature offers, but taking the time needed to cover the pool can make a big difference to the maintenance routine and the overall enjoyment you get from this backyard feature. Standard covers also require a pump, so you should be vigilant during the off-season to ensure that not too much water builds up on top, causing the cover to collapse.

This is especially true during the months of July and August, when most pool owners don't want their pool water to be warmer. The main drawback that some people encounter with mesh safety covers is that they allow water to pass through, which means that the pool water can be very dirty when it is opened in spring. With a pool cover, no matter if a child or pet wanders aimlessly near the pool, the cover will be strong enough to hold them and they can easily find their way back to the ground. If your pool holds as much water as possible, this will help reduce your water bill and the time it takes to fill the pool.

Because the pool cover helps keep heat and chemicals in, and leaves and insects out, you'll have to do a lot less maintenance. A cover of any type is a great option for retaining heat in the pool's water volume, but this isn't the only reason to use it. Finally, a pool cover can be offered as a safety feature that can prevent injuries or even save lives under the most extreme circumstances. By using a pool cover, you'll dramatically reduce the amount of debris that enters the pool right from the start.

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