Does covering your pool help prevent algae?

Covering the pool is a good way to prevent algae growth. The right cover prevents algae from entering the pool, but it also prevents leaves, insects, bacteria and dirt from decomposing in the pool, providing food for the algae. A pool cover will help to retain the temperature of the pool water. However, if you maintain chlorine levels, you shouldn't have problems with algae. The cover not only acts as a barrier to prevent algae from entering the pool, but it also prevents leaves, insects, dirt and other debris from falling into the water, which then breaks down and provides the algae with the environment they like to thrive.

So, when you're just taking a look at your pool or cleaning the cover, take a quick look inside the pool for any early signs of algae growth. Some solar covers for pools with selective transmission are also designed with algae prevention in mind, as they let in less light, making conditions not ideal for algae. The mesh safety cover is suspended above the pool and, even so, prevents leaves and smaller debris from entering the pool, in addition to providing safety protection for young children and animals. Stock up on all the essential chemicals and water treatments to ensure that your pool stays clean and that algae know they should be kept away.

If you're looking for discounted prices on pool covers and want the best bargain prices online, use the green Get Prices link in the upper right corner of this page. It's not hard to understand why pool owners do everything they can to prevent an algae outbreak in their pool. The algae will settle on the walls and floor of the pool, so it's a good idea to regularly use a brush to remove new formations.

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