Are solid pool covers worth it?

Solid pool covers are a great option for keeping dirt and pollution out of your pool. The pool is kept clean because its surface does not let in leaves, twigs, dirt or other debris. Solid pool covers also help protect water from dust, pollen and other allergens in the air. This ensures a healthier and more enjoyable swimming experience for both you and your guests. The main advantage of a solid vinyl cover for winter pools is the fact that it does not let sunlight through.

This is important because in spring, when the pool water begins to heat up, algae grows on the walls if they come into contact (as with a mesh cover) with sunlight. The main drawback that some people find with mesh safety covers is that they allow water to pass through, which means that the water in the pool can be very dirty when it is opened in spring. For example, when leaves fall on the pool cover during winter and it rains, the leaves cause rainwater to become very dirty. Solid safety covers last about six years, but their advantage is that they keep water out of the pool so that it is cleaner in spring. The most affordable type of pool cover is a standard winter cover, which needs a pump on top, keeps out sunlight and dirt, and lasts between one and three years.

Knowing the benefits of each, cover manufacturers such as Loop-Loc and others have started to produce hybrid-style covers that share some of the best features of each. Standard covers also require a pump, so you should be vigilant during the off-season to ensure that not too much water builds up on the top, causing the cover to become collapses. This is especially true during the months of July and August, when most pool owners don't want their pool water to be warmer. Thanks to their lightweight material, mesh covers can be put on and taken off by a single person in most cases, unlike solid covers.

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