The Best Cape Town Pool Covers: Safety, Savings, and Style

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The Best Cape Town Pool Covers: Safety, Savings, and Style

A family relaxes by a vibrant pool covered with PowerPlastics Pool Covers.

Keeping your pool in top condition can be a real challenge, especially with Cape Town's windy and changeable weather. PowerPlastics Pool Covers have been protecting pools for over 30 years, saving you money and keeping your loved ones safe.

Our guide will navigate you through the best pool cover options to suit safety concerns, budget constraints, and aesthetic desires alike. Dive in and discover the perfect cover for your oasis!

Key Takeaways

  • Pool covers in Cape Town save water and cut costs by reducing evaporation by up to 98%.
  • Safety covers keep children and pets safe, preventing them from falling into the pool.
  • Thermal pool blankets capture free energy from the sun, lowering heating bills.
  • Various types of covers are available, including bubble wrap, solid safety, leaf net, pole-supported, and automatic vinyl.
  • The top pool cover brands in Cape Town include PowerPlastics Pool Covers and Popular Canvas.

Why use a pool cover in Cape Town?

A family enjoying a covered swimming pool in their sunny backyard.

When it comes to the warm summer climate and Mediterranean weather of Cape Town, pool covers are essential for preventing water evaporation, ensuring safety for children and pets, and providing cost-effective maintenance.

Water evaporation prevention

Pool covers in Cape Town are a smart choice for water conservation. They keep the precious resource right where you want it—in your pool. Up to 98% less water evaporates with the cover on.

That means you’re not just saving water; you're cutting down on refill costs too.

Think about how often your pool loses water to the hot sun and dry wind. It happens every day! But with a solid pool cover, sunlight and air can’t get through, making evaporation slow way down.

Pool blankets or liquid covers also work wonders, cutting evaporation by up to 95%. You’ll spend less time topping off your pool and more time enjoying it.

Safety for children and pets

Keeping your children and pets safe around the pool is crucial. A solid safety pool cover can prevent little ones and animals from accidentally falling in. These covers are strong, with lockable strapping ratchets that a small child can't open easily.

They create a firm barrier over the water.

Cape Town pools now have extra protection thanks to leading products like the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. This top choice for child safety is tamperproof and provides excellent security features.

You'll rest easier knowing that your loved ones are protected, even when you're not watching them every second by the water. Investing in these sturdy covers means peace of mind, cleaner swimming pools, less water loss through evaporation, and safer play areas for kids and pets alike.


Pool covers in Cape Town are a smart investment. They can slash up to 70% off a pool's operating costs. That money stays in your pocket instead of getting spent on water, heat, and chemicals.

covered pool loses less heat and needs less warming up. This means you spend half as much on heating it.

Cape Town’s sunny days help too! Solar pool blankets capture free energy from the sun, cutting down on electricity use. You might not need your heat pump as often or at high settings.

Less evaporation also means fewer chemicals are needed to keep the water clean and clear—more savings for you!

Types of Pool Covers Available in Cape Town

A high-end outdoor pool with an automatic safety cover.

Cape Town offers a variety of pool cover options to suit different needs and preferences. From bubble wrap swimming pool covers for cost-effective thermal insulation to automatic vinyl safety covers for maximum protection, there's a type of pool cover for every requirement.

Bubble Wrap Swimming Pool Covers

Bubble wrap swimming pools cover work wonders in Mother City. They trap solar energy, keeping your pool warm and comfy. Tiny air bubbles do the magic, absorbing sunlight and heating up your swimming space.

Imagine cutting down evaporation by a whopping 98%. That's what these clever covers can do.

On cool nights or windy days, they keep heat locked in. You won't waste money reheating your pool water. They come in custom sizes to fit any shape of pool you have. With a bubble cover, enjoy warmer swims without the high bills.

Choose from various 500-micron options for that perfect balance between durability and efficiency. Remember, although they're not safety nets, these covers help save water and energy at home.

Solid Pool Covers

Solid pool covers are the heavy-duty heroes of pool safety in Cape Town. They can handle a snow load, making them perfect for protecting your family all year round. These covers meet the SABS SANS 10134 standard, so you know they're tough and reliable.

With a solid cover, there's less worry about children or pets falling into the pool.

These covers also keep out leaves and debris. Your pool stays clean, saving you time on maintenance. Plus, they're energy-efficient—imagine cutting heat loss by half! This means lower heating bills and more swimming days in the Cape Peninsula's Mediterranean climate.

Solid covers bring both safety and savings to your backyard oasis.

Leaf Net Pool Covers

Leaf net pool covers are perfect for Cape Town's fynbos-rich environment. They stop leaves and other debris from dirtying your pool. This means you'll spend less time cleaning and more time swimming! The Blue 55% LeafNet can be a real help here, making sure that unwanted bits don't make their way into the water.

These covers come crafted with strong, UV-treated netting—tough enough to handle lots of sunshine. Easy to stretch across your pool, they keep things clean with minimal fuss.

Stainless steel hooks hold the cover steady against wind and weather. Your little pets will be safe too, as these nets act as a barrier, keeping them away from the water.

Pole Pool Covers

Pole pool covers provide strong support across your swimming area. They have sturdy aluminum poles that stretch over the water. This design means kids and pets can stay safe around the pool.

Companies like Canvas Pool Covers make these with safety in mind.

You'll find pole-supported options from PowerPlastics as well, all made for Cape Town pools. These covers cut down on cleaning time by keeping leaves out. Designer Pool Covers offers a stylish choice with their PoolDeck slatted versions too.

Choose these for an elegant look and easy use year-round.

Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers

Automatic vinyl safety covers are a top choice for pool owners in Cape Town due to their focus on safety and cost-effectiveness. These covers not only prevent accidental drownings, particularly among curious children and pets, but also offer savings through reduced water maintenance and heat loss.

Additionally, they provide temperature control for the pool, ensuring a comfortable swimming experience year-round. With various suppliers offering these covers in Cape Town, they are readily accessible for pool owners who prioritise safety without compromising on convenience.

These covers are designed with childproof features, making them reliable solutions to preventing accidents around the pool area. Furthermore, their ability to regulate pool temperature minimises energy costs while extending the swimming season, thus aligning with the region's emphasis on sustainable use of resources and energy efficiency.

Notable Pool Cover Brands in Cape Town

Some notable pool cover brands in Cape Town include PowerPlastics Pool Covers and Popular Canvas Pool Covers, which offer a range of options for different pool sizes and shapes. These brands are known for their high-quality materials, durability, and effectiveness in providing safety and protection for your swimming pool.

PowerPlastics Pool Covers

PowerPlastics Pool Covers, a prominent brand in Cape Town for over 30 years, specialises in creating pool covers that prioritise child safety and environmental sustainability. Their range includes thermal covers designed to prevent algae growth, reduce filtration needs by up to 50%, and harness solar energy to heat the water.

Notably, their Thermal GeoBubble cover is engineered to save on chemicals and decrease water evaporation while maintaining optimal pool temperatures. Widely recognised as leaders in high-performance thermal pool covers with an eco-friendly focus, PowerPlastics offers solutions that not only ensure safety for children and pets but also contribute to electricity savings and reduced water consumption.

As a leading supplier of pool covers tailored for the Cape Town market's specific needs like rainwater protection and UV resistance, PowerPlastics stands out with its commitment to innovative design built around sustainability measures.

Popular Canvas Pool Covers

Popular Canvas Pool Covers, a leading manufacturer in Cape Town, offers top-quality and cost-effective pool covers. Their range includes bubble wrap swimming pool covers, known for preventing water evaporation by up to 98%.

Also, Popular Canvas specialises in crafting PVC canvas products such as tarpaulins and custom canvas covers, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction. With a reputation for providing the safest and easiest-to-use pool covers on the market, their offerings are celebrated by delighted owners and existing clients.

Dedicated to delivering secure options that address water evaporation prevention and safety concerns, Popular Canvas Pool Covers stands out as an industry leader with its high-quality products receiving accolades from satisfied customers.

Designer Pool Covers

Designer Pool Covers is the leading provider of pool cover solutions in Cape Town and its environs. They boast an impressive range, including thermal blankets, pet and child safety covers, PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers, and Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers.

Their commitment to seamlessly blending style, functionality, and safety makes them a popular choice for pool owners seeking top-quality covers that meet their unique needs.

Renowned for offering exquisite designer pool covers that cater to various requirements such as heat retention, debris protection, and UV resistance, Designer Pool Covers provides options that ensure both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the Right Pool Cover: Key Considerations

When choosing the right pool cover in Cape Town, it is important to consider factors such as pool size and shape, desired functionality (thermal, safety, etc.), and budget. To learn more about how to make the best choice for your needs, keep reading.

Pool Size and Shape

Measuring the pool's length, width, and depth is crucial for selecting the right pool cover. Different types of pool covers cater to various shapes and sizes by offering safety, savings, and style benefits.

These covers are tailored to fit specific dimensions, ensuring optimal functionality while enhancing the overall appeal of the pool area. Making a precise assessment enables homeowners to choose a suitable cover that not only fits their pool dimensions but also serves their desired purposes effectively.

The selection process becomes easier when you have clear measurements, as it ensures compatibility with your pool's unique size and shape. By taking into account these specifics, whether rectangular or irregularly shaped, you can find a cover that provides an excellent fit while delivering on safety features and cost-saving advantages.

Desired Functionality (Thermal, Safety, etc.)

Safety is a primary concern when choosing pool covers in Cape Town. Mesh or solid safety pool covers with automatic locking mechanisms should be prioritised to ensure the protection of children, pets, and wildlife.

Additionally, considering the region's weather conditions and UV exposure, opting for weather-resistant and UV-protected covers is essential to ensuring durability and effective functionality over time.

Thermal efficiency is key in Cape Town's climate. Opt for insulating pool covers designed to reduce heat loss, thereby saving on energy costs while also maintaining pleasant water temperatures.


When selecting a pool cover, it's essential to consider your budget along with the cost-effectiveness of the investment. The price of pool covers varies based on size, material, and additional features such as automatic operation.

Despite initial costs, remember that pool covers can lead to substantial water savings over time due to reduced evaporation and heat loss—factors that should be carefully weighed against their upfront expenses.

Factors like material selectionspecial features (such as automation), and durability influence the cost of PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Pool Covers in Cape Town. However, despite the popular belief that they are costly, investing in a quality pool cover is not only about safety and water conservation but also presents an opportunity for long-term economic benefits through reduced water usage and maintenance costs.

Comprehensive Guide to Pool Covers in Cape Town

Cape Town offers a comprehensive range of pool covers to suit various needs. With options like solid covers, bubble wrap swimming pool covers, and leaf net pool covers, there's a solution for every requirement.

Moreover, the reputable PowerPlastics Pool Covers brand has been leading the market for over 30 years, with a focus on sustainability and child safety. This ensures that you can make an informed choice based on your specific priorities when it comes to enhancing the safety, cleanliness, and aesthetics of your pool in Cape Town.

Whether you're looking for energy-efficient options or ways to reduce chemical consumption, these pool covers are designed to cater to different aspects of maintenance while being suitable for Cape Town's climate conditions—especially important considering factors such as UV rays and rainfall in the region.

Installation and Maintenance of Pool Covers

Installing and maintaining pool covers is essential for their effectiveness and longevity. Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Clean the pool cover before installation to prevent debris from getting into the pool.
  2. Ensure proper tension and alignment during installation to maximise the cover's efficiency in preventing evaporation and heat loss.
  3. Regularly inspect the cover for tears, damage, or wear and tear, especially after storms.
  4. Clean the cover periodically with manufacturer-recommended solutions to maintain its integrity and functionality.
  5. Use pool cover rollers to aid in easy removal and storage when not in use.
  6. Adjust the cover as needed for changes in weather or pool usage patterns.
  7. Follow manufacturer instructions for maintenance and repair to ensure optimal performance.

Review of Selected Pool Covers

In this section, we will delve into the features and descriptions of selected pool covers in Cape Town, providing you with comprehensive insights to help you make an informed decision.

Read on to discover the best pool covers for safety, savings, and style!

Features and Description (Selected Pool Cover)

The 500-micron bubble wrap swimming pool cover is a cost-effective choice for pool owners in Cape Town. Its ability to prevent water evaporation by up to 98% makes it an energy-saving option that reduces chemical consumption.

Additionally, this cover comes in pre-cut sizes and offers protection from debris while also improving safety for swimmers.

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Pros and Cons (Selected Pool Cover)

Pros and Cons of the Starline Roldeck Fully-Automatic Pool Covers from PowerPlastics Pool Covers:

  1. Expensive initial investment
  • The cost may not be affordable for everyone.
  1. Stylish and chic design
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the pool area.
  1. Push-of-a-button ease of use
  • Convenient operation for opening and closing.
  1. Reduces evaporation, heat loss, and energy consumption
  • Contributes to cost savings and environmental benefits.
  1. Enhanced safety features
  • Ensures a secure cover for the pool when not in use.
  1. Reduction in chemical usage
  • Promotes healthier and more sustainable pool maintenance.


In conclusion, exploring the best pool covers in Cape Town reveals a range of benefits. From reducing water evaporation and enhancing safety to saving on operating costs and adding style to your pool area, these covers offer comprehensive solutions for pool owners.

Whether you prioritise child safety, sustainability, or aesthetic appeal, there's a cover tailored to meet your specific needs. By choosing the right cover for your pool size and requirements while considering factors like functionality and budget, you can enjoy a safer, more cost-effective, and visually appealing swimming experience in the beautiful city of Cape Town.


1. Why are pool safety nets important in Cape Town?

In Cape Town, also known as Kaapstad or iKapa, pool safety nets are key for preventing accidents. With the beauty of Table Mountain nearby, it's crucial to protect loved ones from pool dangers.

2. Can a good pool cover reduce chemical use in my pool?

Absolutely. Using a top-notch pool cover can cut down on chemical consumption. It keeps your water cleaner and saves you money by showering fewer chemicals into the pool.

3. Will a stylish pool cover look good in my Cape Malay-themed garden?

Yes! The best covers combine protection with style, so they'll enhance your garden’s unique Cape Malay charm while promoting biodiversity by keeping out leafy debris.

4. Is fitting a New Zealand technology-based cover to my Afrikaans home complex?

Not at all; these advanced covers fit seamlessly with any setting—whether you're near Robben Island Museum or tucked away inland—and benefit from New Zealand's leading-edge tech features without fuss.

5. Does speaking multiple languages affect how I order my Cape Town pool cover from the internet service provider?

While being multilingual is an advantage in many areas of life, ordering your perfect Cape Town Pool Cover online is straightforward—most internet service providers have websites that offer services across various languages, including Afrikaans.

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